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CrossOver Doorstrike Controller CrossOver Doorstrike Controller CrossOver X15
CrossOver X15
Our Price: $149.00
Controls a powered doorstrike or garage door. iButton-operated. Controls a powered doorstrike or garage door. iButton-operated. For cabinets, closets, etc. Operated with iButton and/or keypad and track users with CrossOver software.
CrossOver X25 The CrossOver X45: Our heavy-duty weatherproof lock.
CrossOver X25
Our Price: $259.00
CrossOver X45 Lock
Our Price: $325.00
The X25 is designed for indoor use and is operated by iButtons, numeric codes or both. With the software in the Lock Management Kit, you can allow access only at specific times and track who used the lock (or attempted to use it). The lock is battery-powered and installs easily without wiring.

The X45 is our heavy-duty keypad door lock. Like our X25, it's also weatherproof and can be operated by iButtons or with numeric codes and with or without our AccessPilot software. The handle is reversible, and the inside half of the lock has a panic button: one touch will instantly lock the door from the inside.