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Blue Dot iButton Receptor CrossOver Lock Management Kit CrossOver Lock System Program Key
Blue Dot iButton Receptor
Our Price: $69.00

The Blue Dot Receptor is used to read iButtons and is included in the TimePilot Extreme Starter Kit as well as the CrossOver Lock Management Kit. It isn't essential, but a handy accessory to the TimePilot Standard and TimePilot PC time and attendance systems.

Includes our new AccessPilot software, manual, Program Key and Blue Dot Receptor for use with CrossOver Locks. This is a replacement for the Program Key included in the CrossOver Lock Management Kit. Supervisors use it to make changes to the settings on individual locks.

These iButtons—also known as keytabs—come with our standard DS1990 iButtons in a plastic keyfobs, ready to be assigned to employees and attached to their keychains.